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Below is a list of the many special offers that have recently been on sale in Cuyahoga County. This page contains information about the properties as well as a link to see the current price for each property, along with a brief description of their history.

LoopNet has a good guide to finding the best hotels in Cuyahoga County as well as a list of the most popular hotels for sale in the area. These include hotels, apartments, condos, condos and even a few single-family homes in Cleveland.

This proven - and genuine - option gives you access to a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. You can have amazing science experiences, play in the Polymer Funhouse, explore NASA's Glenn Visitor Center, climb aboard the William G. Mather steamship, immerse yourself in a six-story OMNIMAX theater, and spend a full day at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

From 1831 to 1838 Joseph Smith and the early members of the church built the church headquarters in Kirtland, built temples, laid the foundations for the strength of our future, and established our headquarters. Visit the place where in 1832 more than 1,000 members and their families gathered to found our church.

The enhanced facilities available to guests are best illustrated by this 16-storey building, which has a dining room, bar and restaurant, as well as a guest room. The next step was the construction of the first hotel in the United States, the Southwestern Ohio Hotel, which had a large number of rooms arranged to maximize income through leasing, business and concessions.

The rooms were decorated in a modern style and the amenities of the rooms included a bar, dining room, bar and restaurant, as well as a guest room with shower and bathroom.

The rooms were equipped with a fully equipped kitchen, bar, dining room, bar and restaurant, and a guest room with shower and bathroom. The Express Suite with two bedrooms and three bathrooms of the hotel sleeps up to 70 guests. An informal Friday at 7 a.m. mixed concerts by the Cleveland Orchestra and world music with live music by the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra and other local bands.

The opening hours are as follows: Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm, tickets can be purchased at the house or by telephone, or you can come to the side door and ring the bell at the door. Click on "Buy Tickets" in the calendar list and you will be taken to a ticket control - on the TicketWeb page. Tickets can also be purchased in person at the office during these hours. For more information on ticket options, please see the options below.

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This towering structure houses a hotel, restaurant, bar and guest house in the heart of historic downtown Cleveland.

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History in Cleveland, Ohio, is considered one of the nation's best art museums and can be visited and explored. From dinosaurs to diamonds, the museum is a mix of traditional and interactive galleries that are connected with history, art and the natural world. The exhibits are as close to reality as visitors to a natural history and art museum from across the Midwest get.

The two hotels, completed in 1884 and 85, marked significant changes in the hotel's construction: they were 8 storeys high, built of iron, steel, tiles and cement and covered with brick. The first taverns in the region were typical 18th century inns, i.e. the notable exceptions were the Weddell House, which had the same name from 1847 to 1961.

Euclid Avenue is also home to several hotels and motels, offering a variety of amenities including restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and bars. Elite musicians also have residences in Cleveland, a funky neighborhood that offers a series of free performances in unexpected places. In some cases, University Hotel Suites ( offer a free shuttle service. The actual beach is still there, and much of it is now part of Euclid Beach State Park, a popular tourist attraction.

Lyndhurst worked with traffic engineers to modify the entrance to Cedar Road and Legacy Village when the lifestyle centre was built in 2003. The area around the village of Legacy, with its many restaurants, shops and hotels, is regularly congested by traffic. Lyndhurst Road, a state road created by legislation in the 1830s, and the inns were built to accommodate the increasing passenger traffic from the city's new airport, Cleveland International Airport, and other businesses.

When Cleveland became a leading convention center in the 1930s and 1940s, hotels accounted for a large portion of downtown Cleveland's hotel business, and motels and car parks were built along the expanding highway network. In the 1960s, there were 18 motels in the Cleveland area, and national chains invaded the suburbs, building larger motel buildings and adding to the already large number of hotels in downtown Cleveland and other areas. In the mid-1960s, major suburban highways were built along major thoroughfares, such as the Motel Inn on the corner of Euclid and Lyndhurst Road.

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